HR 4: John Lewis Voting Rights Act
In 2013, the Supreme Court’s decision in Shelby County v. Holder gutted key provisions of the Voting Rights Act and set the stage for the rampant increase in voter suppression we’ve seen throughout the country. The original Voting Rights Act of 1965 required states with a record of racial disrimination and voter suppression to submit any change in election procedures for approval in advance before any changes could take place. This approval process was called preclearance. H.R. 4, which is named after the late congressman and civil rights icon John Lewis, a man who risked his life for the right to vote, would restore the Voting Rights Act after it was gutted by the Supreme Court in 2013 and re-establish the preclearance requirements ... However, voter ID, and other voter protection elements are wildly popular with voters ( 75% support voter ID).
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