Fighting Back
Republican controlled States throughout the country, led by Texas & Florida, are passing laws to protect their citizens against the overreach of the Biden Administration's vision of government. This includes, Abortion, COVID guidelines, Election Integrity, rioters, Critical Race Theory, gender dysphoria, gun control, defunding police, immigration, Media, Social Media, National Anthem, unemployment payments and much more.

Proof that Conservatives are making progress

from The Gray Area:

The media push back on CBS News hiring Mick Mulvaney as a paid pundit is surprising proof that conservatives grass roots efforts are making progress.

Left wing media have been hiring Democrat politicians and staffers for years. Turn into CNN during the Trump years and you see Obama executives and staffers everywhere. Nothing wrong with that i guess. But have a respected left wing news organization like CBS hire a republican staffer and the sky is falling. If you weren't hitting a nerve, they would not be reacting this way.

from The Washington Post,

‘Access journalism’ takes the media to dangerous places when one side of the aisle is turning against democracy

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