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A consistent 'MO' of stalinist overreach

from The Gray Area:
Federal investigators searched the Florida home of former President Donald Trump, prompting outrage from many Republicans, while Democrats said the law applies evenly to all Americans, including former presidents. The high minded retort from Democrats and the media. 'no one is above the law' leaves me unimpressed and thinking of double standards. Are Pelosi and her husband above the law? Is Hillary Clinton above the law? Are members of the Obama intelligence teams above the law when they lie for years about Russian collusion, Russian disinformation? Are Joe & Hunter Biden above the law? The FBI has Hunter's laptop full of evidence, but no pre-dawn raids were necessary?'No one is above the law', except Democrats and the media.
  • Was it necessary to conduct a pre-dawn raid at Trump's Florida home for documents they were already negotiating with his team about?
  • Was it necessary to conduct a pre-dawn raid of Mayor Giuliani's NYC home last year?
  • Was it necessary to conduct any of the pre-dawn raids that have been conducted to embarrass and pressure conservative Republicans?
No, not at all. But, the public political theater is apparently worth a lot. Especially ahead of a difficult mid-term election. When you read the details of the supposedly offending documents law, it says that anyone convicted of taking these secret materials will be fined, imprisoned and 'NOT BE ABLE TO HOLD PUBLIC OFFICE AGAIN'.  Ah, ha...that is why they need to conduct a search of Trump's home, to see if they can find anything that will generate this result. They apparently have an open ended warrant, approved by a left wing judge they shopped for, that allowed them to conducted a search to collect anything they saw. They conducted a fishing expedition in search of evidence. Supposedly you have evidence of a crime to enable a warrant, but not in these situations. Do you think the Democrats & the media would have sit still or supported a raid on Hillary Clinton's home after she bleached 33,000 email? No, they would have been unhinged about the abuse of power. But, against Trump, any and everything goes. Last week Rep. Cheney said they have much more evidence to come on the Jan 6th  commission. Curious that they decide to search Trump's home for evidence right after she makes this statement. Are they looking for evidence or do they  have evidence? And, what about this as part of the never-ending Trump abuse, started 7 years ago, by the Democrat legal system hoping to find something on him and failing every, single time. You can only get away with this Stalinist behavior when you have a media in place to support your unconstitutional actions and lies.  That same media are supporting the decision of this judge but will savage Supreme Court justices decisions. Why? Some Republicans condemned the FBI search of Mr. Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home in Palm Beach, Fla. and threatened to investigate the agency.  As Democrats say 'no one is above the law', if House Republicans win their chamber’s majority in the November midterm elections, they would then have subpoena powers in 2023 and the ability to create committees and lead investigations. Some GOP lawmakers threaten to conduct oversight into the agency should they win the majority. Many Republicans said the raid was prosecutorial overreach, a politically motivated move designed to benefit Democrats and President Biden.  House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R., Calif.) said late Monday that “the Department of Justice has reached an intolerable state of weaponized politicization” and pledged to investigate Attorney General Merrick Garland and the department. Ladies & gentlemen, this one party government control and threatening of its citizens,must stop now. More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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