The 'Chinese' Connection

Democrat / Media Communist Connections

from The Gray Area:
Everyone knows of Black Lives Matter Marxist roots and sympathies. Gen. Honore, Pelosi's pick to investigate Capitol security during Jan 6th riot, showed up on a Chinese propaganda network. Project Syndicate – a media outlet that counts funding and written contribution from George Soros, Bill Gates, the United Nations, and Google – is engaged in “media partnership” deals with several Chinese state-run media outlets. And, Project Syndicate says the Xinjiang Genocide Allegations Are Unjustified.

Georgia election laws aren’t in line with the MLB’s values. But Cuba and China are?

There is the Chinese connection of California Senator Diane Feinstein's driver of 20 years. California Representative Eric Swalwell (on the intelligence committee) having an affair with a Chinese spy. minimal coverage of these stories and then they are buried. John Kerry, Hunter & Joe Biden ... oh, maybe not. The mainstream media doesn't want to talk about that or any of the rest of these. What if they were Republicans with Russian connections? Humm? Well, here are a couple of others the mainstream media don't want to talk about. 1619 Project Founder Praised Cuba’s Accomplishments & Counts Education As ‘Cornerstone Of Revolution.’ That's right. Brennan voted Communist and Comey was a Communist. Why isn't that a daily set of headlines! How did one get to the head of the CIA and the other the head of the FBI? These are most assuredly not all, but .... Do you see a Democrat China connection yet? Are you seeing a trend? Are you nervous yet? More From The Rush Limbaugh Show (subscription required): More From National Pulse:

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