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People are tired of the political double standard

from The Gray Area:

Can you imagine what would happen if this event occurred in reverse? Let's say Candace Owen sent this tweet to Democrat Liam O'Mara, how would the media, Democrats, the liberal mob and Twitter have reacted?

We know the answer with outrage and righteous indignation. Candace Owen would have been dropped from Twitter and O'Mara would have been made a victim of this right-wing, extremist, racial hatred.

But, the double standard is clearly evident here. Twitter does not take action against O'Mara. O'Mara defends his post. Nobody takes up for Ms Owen.

Disciplined support of the political media narrative is also clearly evident here. To be consistent with the cancel culture, this Democrat would have been excoriated for his racism. But, that does not support the political media narrative. That narrative says Republican are racist, so this has to be justified agaisnt a racist trump supporter, even though she is black.

The narrative is a lie.

And O'Mara's defense of his tweet illustrates teh blindness of the left to reality. When criticized for sending the image of a KKK hood to a black woman,O’Mara defended the post and accused Owens of being “a paid propagandist.” As if no one who defends the Democrats on MSNBC, CNN, The New York Times, The Washington Post, et al, are not paid propagandists? Please.

The double standard is now visible on a daily basis and people are tired of it.

from Daily Wire,

"I am DONE with you racist Democrats ... "

Failed Democratic candidate William O’Mara sent an image of a Klansman hood via Twitter to Daily Wire host Candace Owens, a black woman. When the hood image was reported to Twitter, the tech platform said the image did not violate their rules.

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