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'... Our Patience Is Wearing Thin'

from The Gray Area:
Am I hearing this correctly, Joe? You are threatening the American people? “This is not about freedom or personal choice, it’s about protecting yourself and those around you”. Do you hear the words that are coming out of your mouth? They mean the opposite of what you are saying. It is about personal freedom and choice and you are saying you don't care. You are threatening the American people. You run away from the Taliban, and attack Americans. Unbelievable! You say Americans will do as they are told or else!does What else, Joe? What will you do when your patience run out, Joe? Send in the black shirts? Have BLM & AntiFa thugs roam the streets checking everyone's papers? If you are not satisfactorily papered up, you will be sent to the gulags and forceably be given an injection? This is insane, Joe. But, you will continue to try and get away with it, and all the other freedom limiting plans you have. You and your party's hypocrisy shouts to the rooftops on two issues this week. The vaccine mandate is one. The other is the Texas 'heartbeat' law must be overturned because it does not allow for 'choice'. "My body my choice!" Yet on the issue of vaccines, 'my body, my choice' is not acceptable. Oh, because 'it’s about protecting yourself and those around you'. What about protecting the life of an unborn child, Joe! Is that not a person deserving of 'protection'? This does not seem like a contradictory position to take,? Joe, you  are starting a fight, and as soon as you add guns to this, attack on the American people, you will have gone a bridge too far. More From Western Journal:

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