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from The Gray Area:

Jimmy Kimmel came under fire this week for his latest attack on Florida and Gov DeSantis.

I don't watch Jimmy Kimmel or any of the Late Night Shows anymore because they are overtly political, progressively radical, hateful against those who disagree and basically not funny. The only humor is if you like hearing Republicans made fun of, which tells you who watches the show. Otherwise, nothing of any entertainment value. It's a shame, because I used to think Jimmy was a funny guy, before he became the pawn of the left. Oh, you think that is an exaggerated claim. Then how does anyone these days get away with being caught in 'blackface'? Like Gov Northam of Virginia, Jimmy has.

Gov. DeSantis is a target of the left because of his success in Florida managing the state the complete opposite of failed Democrat Governors and tyrannical COVID restrictions. Such alternative ideas, no matter how successful, are not allowed by American political elite. Jimmy Kimmel takes his marching orders from this group. He attacks Gov DeSantis in what is supposed to appear as a 'light-hearted manner', but still gets the radical left's message across. Why invest such attention to DeSantis, now? Because they want to degrade his image as much as possible over the next 3 years before he possibly becomes a Republican candidate for President. The facts of Gov DeSantis record are indisputable. Therefore, alternative facts and diversionary messaging is necessary to keep the public in the dark. With a successful record, DeSantis is dangerous to the radical left's candidates with no record or a failed record. Therefore, DeSantis must be targeted for destruction early, often and from every direction. Jimmy Kimmel is just one direction. Vary your news sources folks. And, your entertainment channels. Its your only way to find the truth for yourself. Even when you do, sadly, you will find that comedy no longer exists in America. The 'woke' Marxist mob in America has 'cancelled' it. Do you find a thriving comedy scene in Russia, China, or North Korea? No. Why not? Like the 'woke' Marxist mob in America, in the other Marxist regimes comedy is dangerous and therefore not allowed, unless you are poking fun at the regime's opposition.

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