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Political 'madness' regarding vaccines

from The Gray Area:
This is another self-inflicted political wound. by the Biden Administration. But, the debate also includes some very interesting nuances. It involves vaccine mandates, public health (supposedly), science (supposedly), federal power vs state power, workforce issues, and bribery. And, of course, it also involves the media. Vaccine Mandates. People supposedly like them, if you believe polls. They also harden the resolve of those who don't like them. Pilots don't seem to like them in the same ratio as in the larger population. Biden Administration loves them. Texas Governor hates them. Are they about health or control? 'My body my choice' is apparently only good regarding abortion. Public Health. Today Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki came out in all her righteous indignation saying she can't believe Governor Abbott of Texas would issue an executive order (EO) that goes against public health and science. Incentivizing people to get vaccinated is supposedly a 'public health' imperative. When 70% of the country are already vaccinated, many of the remainder have natural immunity from having the disease and vaccinated people can get and transmit the disease to others just like non-vaccinated people or natural immunity people. Okay, where is the science? Where is the common sense? Where is the reality in this situation?. Science. Taking the usual position of ownership of science, the media, the Democrats & the Biden Administration come out and say this is science. Thus, there is no debate. They said it was science. Do as you are told. Its good for you. Salute the fuehrer and support the dogma of his 'science' religion. Federal Power vs State Power. Two competing executive orders have fallen into the laps of every business in Texas. Airlines specifically are the lead part of the story because this weekend they had staffing issues and cancelled flights as a result of Biden's vaccine mandate. What is a company to do? Follow the state Governor or the President of the United States? If they go with the President, they are specifically snubbing the, Governor of Texas, in this case. How can a dispute between a state and the federal government be negotiated and resolved? Depending on the outcome of this dispute, is this a precedent for Federal power over State authority for other issues? Workforce issues. If pilots don't get vaccinated they can lose their jobs. If they do, they may not come to work for special overtime requests like this weekend. Both scenarios add up to airline pilot shortages. This is not unlike the workforce shortages small, medium and large businesses around the country are dealing with now as result of Biden Administration COVID policies. 10M jobs open, 8M unemployed in the workforce. Millions leaving the work force due to government payments, fear of COVID and who knows what else. Bribery. Last, but not least, money. The Biden EO says any federal contractor is bound by this vaccine mandate. So, if a contractor, like an airline, decides not to follow the federal EO mandate, they will lose federal government business. Pretty significant stick to associate with your EO. Southwest Airlines CEO Gary Kelly said as much today.I’ve never been in favor of corporations imposing that kind of a mandate,” Kelly told CNBC on Tuesday morning. “I’m not in favor of that, never have been. But the executive order from President Biden mandates that all federal employees and then all federal contractors, which covers all major airlines, have to have a vaccine mandate in place by December 8. So we’re working through that.” Southwest is taking the bride and following the federal money. The media. Here is the headline from The New York Times: American and Southwest Airlines reject the Texas order banning vaccine mandates. Did they really 'reject' the Texas EO? Or, did they take a federal bribe? Pretty obvious with regard to the question. And, pretty obvious with regard to media messaging bias. How these nuances inside this issue fall out will be interesting to watch. I could forecast what is going to happen next, but, I won't. With regard to the competing vaccine mandates issue, The Wall Street Journal put the whole debate best, Vaccine Madness: Biden's needless order is hurting workers and feeding polarization. More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required): More From The Wall Street Journal (subscription required):

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