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Don't Take Questions!

from The Gray Area:

Jen Psaki admitted on CNN today in a podcast with David Axelrod that President Biden taking questions is "not something we recommend".


Now is that something anyone is surprised about? No!

Is it shocking for his press secretary to admit it? Yes! A rare moment of truth.

And, of course, the media covers for him.

The Democrat Party was well aware of this issue when he ran for President. They have a plan in place to fix it at a time of their choosing. This may be the first step in that direction.

in case you need them, and since they are an almost daily occurrence I'm quite sure you don't, here are two video clips with some recent and some not so recent gaffes and mis-statements from Joe Biden's. The recent ones, now, at his age, are very frightening given the man is THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES.

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More From Patriot Journal:

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