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Your Only Defense Against Gaslighting Like This

from The Gray Area:

This is such a good example of media gaslighting, and a sad reality in American politics & journalism. From The Washington Post: Shortly after sunrise on Jan. 15, FBI agents descended with guns drawn on a squat, red-brick apartment complex here, broke open the door of one of the units and threw in a stun grenade, prompting the frightened property manager to call 911. Inside the apartment, furnished with little besides books and a sign declaring “THE REVOLUTION IS NOT A PARTY,” the agents found their target: a 33-year-old U.S. Army veteran and self-described “hardcore leftist” who had posted a flier on social media threatening to attack “armed racist mobs WITH EVERY CALIBER AVAILABLE.” The man, Daniel Baker, hardly fit the profile of those who had been expected to cause trouble in the run-up to President Biden’s inauguration.

This is exactly the profile of someone you should expect to cause trouble. This is just the profile of people who are causing trouble all over the country, in Democrat cities like Portland, Seattle, NYC, Washington DC, etc. And, furthermore, it represents a direct threat to people attending a Trump rally on Jan 6th. But, the media and the Democrats want you to believe that these people are justified in their violence. In the headline WaPo even refers to Baker as "a leftist, ex-soldier". Imagine someone referring to anyone on the right as a right wing warrior'. Dem & media outrage would be unending. Yet here, they publish it with pride. But, it gets worse the more you read the article. Political violence remains far more common a feature of far-right groups than of those on the far left, according to law enforcement officials and data compiled by those who study extremist violence. That statement is flatly untrue. PERIOD. Notice the attribution generally made to 'officials' and those who 'compile extremist violence'. That is how you tell it is false. Unnamed officials means nothing. Unnamed 'who compile extremist violence' you can bet are sites that exclude obvious extremists from the left. Your common sense will also make that point clear. Just ask yourself, two men go out, one wearing a MAGA hat, the other wearing a Biden 2020 hat. Who fears for his life? Gaslighting is trying to get people to disbelieve what they actually see. What they see happen is really not happening. Seems a ridiculous concept, but it isn't. Our media has been practicing this for almost 50 years with increasing amounts of success. Coming right behind the debate in the Senate on what is and is not incitement to political violence, it could not be more clear what confronts us everyday in political media. Vary your news sources and trust your own lying eyes. It is your only defense.

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