Defund The Police

Wow! What a message of gaslighting this should send to everyone!

from The Gray Area:
The following is from Sen. Cory Booker (D-NJ), explaining how 100% of Democrat Senators voted for an amendment to the $3.5T budget bill regarding 'defunding police'. WOW! Did you hear what Sen. 'Spartacus' said here? In the summer of 2020, and up through the November election, these same Democrats were all in support of the mob demands (which included 'defund the police'), and later cities executing (Minneapolis, Austin and others), 'defund the police'. Now they want everyone to know they are NOT in favor of 'defunding the police' and 'Spartacus' is even pointing out that every Democrat Senator voted NOT to 'defund the police'. They got the message loud and clear, that 'defunding police' is a losing policy, not to mention incredibly stupid. And, they want you to know that, so you don't harm them with 2022 political ads on the subject. Dems have even gone so far as to defy reality by saying they NEVER wanted to 'defund the police', that was instead a Republican policy. And, they expect everyone to believe that. With a compliant media, that Democrat message will get play even though it is again, incredibly stupid. Plus, please ignore where 'defund the police' has been implemented in Democrat cities, how it is failing miserably, and when radical leftist mobs of Democrat voters continue to demand it.

Republicans wanted to put the Dems on record supporting 'defund'. 'Spartacus' called there bluff. He now wants you to know, that this vote, on an inconsequential amendment to the $3.5T Democrat spending spree, puts all that 'defund' crap to rest.

He better hope his party lives up to that stance, or we will see this video over and over again next year.

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