Voter Fraud
Voter Fraud is a serious challenge to free and honest election in the US. Common practice in other countries it has developed growing concern int eh US in the past two decades. Suspicious situations, prosecutions and tactics like extending voting to other than election days, mail in ballots, unlimited extensions of delivery of ballots and undercover video evidence of intent and actual fraud combine to make our elections feel less free & honest. The left says there is no such thing as voter fraud … and if you disagree, you’re a racist. It is discriminatory and depresses minority turnout. They attack those who dare to support voter ID laws as “anti-voting rights activists and voter fraud hucksters”. The right says voter fraud is real. Indeed, Its practically a tradition in this country to do things the Daley way in Chicago, or the Philadelphia way, or voting control as with Tammany Hall in New York City. The right says we need to verify that each voter is legal.

Iowa’s Caucus Failure Is A Glimpse Into Our (Near) Future

from The Gray Area:
This Iowa caucus mess from Monday is only the beginning. You will see this kind of issue and debate regarding credibility of elections from now through the November elections - which will also be a mess.
  • There is a lot going on around elections, voter registration, voter suppression, voter fraud, voter turnout, protection against foreign interference and hacking that will come together this year in a dramatic and destructive fashion.
  • There are technology trials, like the one in Iowa, going on to supposedly help tabulate and communicate results faster.
  • There are election tactics like Democrat 'ballot harvesting' in California in 2018 that will expand nationally in 2020.
  • There is widespread voter fraud. 1.5 million people that have been identified either voting in more than one state or are dead.
  • There are systems being tested to protect against hacking and interference.
  • There are technological tools being tested that can improve voter turnout without them having to turnout, which is fraught with fraud possibilities.
  • There is over-hyped fear about foreign interference.
  • There has been repeated references by the House Managers in the Impeachment Trial to election interference in November.
  • There are those who would have all national elections taken away from the states and nationalized. These people really enjoy it when states like Iowa mess up. Nationalizing elections is the biggest step to destroying America's trusted, for 250 years, election system. Even Barack Obama said you cannot affect our elections because they are too decentralized. He was correct. But, not if we change ti.
All this following the Sunday delay of the final election polling by the Des Moines Register which fueled conspiracy theories about the DNC not liking the polls or the upcoming election results. Makes one wonder what will develop in the extra day or two behind the scenes after the election has closed? This smells like 'Ballot Harvesting' which occurred a week after the election closed in California in 2018 to overturn election day results! So, did they need another day or two to correct those results? Would mot be the first time 'boxes' of ballots would be found at the last minute (except that is not how its done in Iowa). Watch this issue of voting credibility over the coming 10 months. I believe you will see it develop subtly at first, then aggressively as the year proceeds. Unfortunately, it will not be pretty come November (and December). I hope I am wrong.  

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