Voter Fraud
Voter Fraud is a serious challenge to free and honest election in the US. Common practice in other countries it has developed growing concern int eh US in the past two decades. Suspicious situations, prosecutions and tactics like extending voting to other than election days, mail in ballots, unlimited extensions of delivery of ballots and undercover video evidence of intent and actual fraud combine to make our elections feel less free & honest. The left says there is no such thing as voter fraud … and if you disagree, you’re a racist. It is discriminatory and depresses minority turnout. They attack those who dare to support voter ID laws as “anti-voting rights activists and voter fraud hucksters”. The right says voter fraud is real. Indeed, Its practically a tradition in this country to do things the Daley way in Chicago, or the Philadelphia way, or voting control as with Tammany Hall in New York City. The right says we need to verify that each voter is legal.

Fact-Check on Georgia Election Reform Law

from Heritage Foundation,

The Heritage Foundation released a fact-check Friday of some of the most egregious lies being echoed by members of Congress, the media, Hollywood, and corporate America about Georgia's new election integrity reform. These reforms are about one thing -- making it easier for American citizens to vote, while making it harder to cheat:

Myth 1: The Georgia election law discourages voting/suppresses votes.

Myth 2: The Georgia law eliminates voting opportunities in order to suppress African American votes.

Myth 3: The Georgia election law suppresses the vote with onerous voter ID requirements.

Myth 4: The bill bans access to water for voters while waiting in line.

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