Black Lives Matter
BLM organization’s website shows that the idea of protecting black lives and seeking justice is merely a vehicle to advance a different, radical set of ideas. The organization is more dedicated to gaining political power and remaking America according to Marxist ideology. Two of the group’s three co-founders are even “trained Marxists,” according to one of them. And it shows. The group’s platform includes planks unrelated to improving black lives, like trying to get the U.S. to divest from Israel, which it calls an “apartheid state” while accusing Jews of committing genocide against Palestinians. The organization also has called for dismantling the family, saying, “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure.” The breakdown of the black family and the rise of single-parent households is one of the root causes of poverty, crime, drug abuse and poor educational achievement in many black communities. Why would anyone who’s supposedly working for black progress want to tear down the very thing that helps to achieve it?

Everyone Could See This Coming

from The Gray Area:

Chaos and violence broke out after dark last night in DC following a peaceful pro-Trump demonstration. AntiFa and Proud Boys apparently confronted each other under cover of darkness and people were injured.

Can it be true that no one saw this kind of thing coming? Of course not!

Every Trump demonstration or rally in the past four years has been attended by counter-protestors, whose express purpose is to incite violence. The media has been behind those counter-protestors every time, ignoring there violence and disorderly conduct.WaPo headline says 'Proud Boys roam looking to fight'. Really? AntiFa has not been doing that for the past four years? BLM hasn't been doing that throughout 2020? Not once did you see such a headline saying they were 'looking for a fight'.

This type of confrontation should be expected to continue as the radical elements of the left attempt to control Trump supporters. Trump supporters should be expected to resist this aggressive behavior for obvious reasons.

This cannot end well until law & order are re-established in this country.

Until riots are called riots and stopped.

Until media reports accurately on what is happening.

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