2019 Politics
2019 begins a year of Democrat control of the House of Representatives after their success during the midterm elections of November, 2018. The Democrats have stated they plan to be a check on Trump, and to be an investigative body hoping for impeachment, or at a minimum, such a distraction as to make Trump's last two years ineffective. 2019 could be more drama than 2017 & 18.

Another Stalinist Show Trial

from The Gray Area:

The House Democrats continue there attacks on a sitting president with the hearings today about impeachment of the President, officially, unofficially, not quite, or maybe. A set of hearings designed to find something on which to impeach, present hearsay and hyped talking points against the President for the media to dutifully parrot to the public and to embarrass the President. A hearing that should be about evidence into wrongdoing is just another hearing trying to discover wrongdoing where a 2+ year investigation found none. It is embarrassing for the US Congress and for America in the world's eye.

This is not the first Democrat show trial, there have been many. This is just like the Cohen hearings.

The American people are going to see as Rep. Collins said in his opening statement, that the work of Congress, passing laws is not being done. Instead, they are practicing politics in front of the media.

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