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from The Gray Area:

Misinformation is a current media narrative. The mainstream media blames everything right now on misinformation. They blame the Trump Presidency on misinformation. They blame the concern over the integrity of the 2020 election on misinformation. They blame anything they do not agree with or have a narrative for as misinformation. Misinformation, to hear them tell it, is the most damaging thing in our society, unless they are talking about race, climate change or defeating Donald Trump that is.

The other day TIME published an article titled; The Secret History of the Shadow Campaign That Saved the 2020 Election. In the article, TIME describes a clandestine plan started in late 2019, to save the 2020 election for the Democrats. This included secretive form, secretive people, meetings with every social media platform, every media outlet the Southern Poverty Law Center, meetings at Zuckerberg's house and much more. The reason the election needed saving is because in the fall of 2019, Trump was a shoe-in for re-election and this group had to do something to stop this disaster. So, what did they do? They launched a misinformation campaign against Donald Trump. Not that the media and the Democrats not already participate in misinformation about Donald Trump, they had to up the ante. This new campaign included collusion, propaganda, CEO resistance, US Chamber of Commerce and the AFL-CIO. A rare mix of CEOs and unions against Donald Trump. In the article they admit the misinformation and everything else up to stealing the election. Here they stop short. Yet you can feel the game, the desperation and the do anything nature of the cabal.

The media use misinformation every day in reporting so-called 'news' to the American people. In this regard they present information designed to influence not inform. To establish opinion not report it. In this regard, misinformation is good, as far as the media is concerned. Misinformation is bad then, only if it is used against them.

In this TIME article, they even say, 'Trump was right'..... though they obviously don't mean......

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