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Twitter seems to have gotten this one right!

from The Gray Area:
For all the heat Twitter and Elon Musk have gotten (98% from the radical left who formerly had 98% control of Twitter) since his acquisition of the company, it appears with this story that one of his change seems to have added valuable content. The "suspicious" timing of stories about the DOJ wanting to put Devin Archer, Hunter Biden's former business partner, in jail prior to his testimony before the House Oversight Committee today raised a lot of obvious concern yesterday. Though he had in fact been in hiding, the "reader added context" feature deposited another view seeming to indicate that this was not designed to keep him from testifying. Since he did in fact testify today, this Twitter account providing 'both sides' of the story, seems a valuable feature, given neither side can trust the other for accuracy of fact or intent. Lets see more Elon! More From Politico: More From New York Post:

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