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Old Twitter censorship preferred

from The Gray Area:
USA Today suggests Twitter’s lack of censorship helps enable ‘the spread of misinformation’ As if the previous Twitter was doing it correctly!?! Think more 'preferred speech' or opinion censorship, not 'misinformation' censorship. Remember censorship of Hunter Biden, COVID, Trump, etc, etc, etc.... vs allowing promotion of false information like Russia Collusion, Hillary Clinton election stolen, vaccines, etc, etc, etc.... That is what is preferred vs open dialogue and debate. Free speech is just that free speech, unless you slander or are libelous. Can't we decide what is opinion and what is fact? The answer should be 'yes' when reviewing social media. The answer is 'no' when looking at 'the news'. The legacy news is expected to present facts, but, unfortunately, they present political narrative instead. They use information to support preferred political narratives, not to present factual news. It is up to us to determine the facts for ourselves by 'varying our news sources' and doing some of our own investigation. People, like Sen. Edward Markey (D) who want Twitter and social media to censor information, are the ones who don't want you to be able to investigate 'news' claims on your own. Sound dangerous to you? You are correct, it is very dangerous. More From USA Today: More From PostMillenial:

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