Mass Shootings

That's not the correct question

from The Gray Area:
5/27/22; updated 5/27/22:
Everyone is asking what can we do to stop this? How can we stop this? Somebody do something! Conn. Sen Chris Murphy emotionally pleaded What are we doing? on the Senate floor the other day. Those are not the correct questions. The correct question is, What is causing this pattern of behavior? The media and the political left say it is caused by guns, because that is the political narrative that must be served for them. They ignore all other possible causes. They prefer to attack the tool used, not the mentality of the perpetrator of the event. What caused this person, and others like him, to do this awful act? Certainly it wasn't the gun. Guns have been around for a long time. Kids have had hunting rifles in their cars at school for decades. No school shootings. Why did all of a sudden, some disturbed students decide to take their frustrations out on school children using guns? Apparently no one cares about the cause. Nobody likes to feel helpless in the face of tragedy, so the appropriate response is, 'Somebody do something'! Yet that only leads to knee jerk reactions to make us feel better, not necessarily doing anything about the root cause of the tragedy. Three things are needed to stop this behavior. 1. Mental illness. Society has to, once again, identify mental illness or violent tendencies and act upon them.  Parents, grandparents, friends, neighbors, strangers, anyone.  That doesn't mean having neighbors report their neighbors to police.  That means having responsible adults act responsibly. COVID lockdowns have made this even worse. 2. Media accountability. The media must stop creating copycats by taking the focus off their behavior and putting the fault on guns. Years of creating detailed scenarios that can be followed by disturbed people is taking a toll.  The media's 'war on men' the past 3 decades fans these flames. 3. Destruction of the family the past 6 decades is also taking a toll.  Parents need to be parents! Nuclear families with moms and dads in the house, don't do these things.  Broken homes where there is no responsible man in the house, creates a vulnerable young man with no senior advisor to consult.  As such, if they get bullied, they don't know what to do.  So, they listen to idiots on media and social media telling them they can lash out randomly at the innocent and it will not be their fault, it will be the guns fault. And, their pain will be gone. People use to 'go postal', the don't any more.  What did we do to fix that? We didn't, it is still happening, in schools and other places because we didn't look for the real causes. Bless his heart, Sen. Murphy only had one solution, eliminate guns. Because he has no idea what the causes are. He just wants the Senate to 'do something', so he and others can feel better, and have political success. This is a long term solution to a problem that has developed over a long time. It won't be fixed if we 'just do something'.  And, the politics, which permeate every aspect of life, dominate this issue with political narratives that only cloud the facts. We will never fix this problem if we don't, together, research and attack the cause. Steve Noviello said all this best on Facebook yesterday. Here is his post: I am emotionally exhausted. The last 2 days have been exhausting. Researching facts we can verify, carefully crafting each update to make sure it is as neutral as the perfect beige wall color, remembering that my job is not to make you HAPPY, it’s to tell you what’s HAPPENING. That is what I signed up for and it’s what I love. We have a roadmap for “shooter coverage” because it is so common at this point. We will cue up the Rolodex of experts we have called too many times before. We know exactly what to do. We know where the narrative will go. Is it a gun problem? Is it a mental health issue? Is it both? We will repeat the same conversation over and over again. Maybe something will change, maybe it won’t. But here’s why I’m so tired. Just so damn tired. I am tired of hearing how “astounded” people are because there were no “tell-tale” signs that this was going to happen. And then IT happens. It ALWAYS happens. We discover a shooter had an unhealthy obsession with guns or violent video games. Or they recently, and legally for all to see, bought a significant amount of weapons and ammunition. Maybe they decided body armor would be the perfect accessory. A search of their bedroom reveals they kept their arsenal at home. AT. HOME. Then comes their digital footprint. The pictures of weapons on their social media. The cryptic posts. The text messages, in this case to someone in another country, detailing exactly what was going to happen. The shooter is then described in those compulsory post-shooting soundbites as “removed”, “quiet”, “bullied”, “lonely”. This most recent shooter stopped going to school when he was 16- according to his grandfather with who he lived because “you know, kids”. THESE. ARE. THE. SIGNS. Check your kids phones. Look at their browser history. Go through their stuff. Watch their behavior, their grades, their influences. Know their friends. Know if they even have friends. Log in to their social media. Stop throwing them out. Have a problem with them? FIX IT. Need help? There is free help. It’s up to you. I don’t care when you think life starts, but it shouldn’t end in second grade. More From Facebook:

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