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"deeply flawed culture"

from The Gray Area:
3/29/23 update from 6/9/22 post:
America's "deeply flawed culture" rears its ugly head again. This original post was written in June, 2022, after President Biden took the opportunity of 3 mass shootings in three weeks to go on national television to discuss how to stop 'gun violence'.  Nothing new or useful was presented. The political narrative of 'gun violence', not the real issue of why this happens, was being served by his action. The House of Representatives followed by endorsing some of the most aggressive gun-control measures taken up on Capitol Hill in years. The 223-to-204 vote was called bi-partisan because it included 5 Republicans who joined most Democrats in backing the legislation. Two Democrats voted no. The USCCB put out a statement that week strongly urging Congress to immediately take specific action to curb this crisis of mass shootings in America. They said, "there is something deeply wrong with a culture where these acts of violence are increasingly common. There must be dialogue followed by concrete action to bring about a broader social renewal that addresses all aspects of the crisis including":
  • mental health,
  • the state of families,
  • the valuation of life,
  • the influence of entertainment and gaming industries,
  • bullying,
  • and the availability of firearms.
The order of these aspects of a solution to mass shootings is correct, with the exception of two items that were left out, hardening of schools & discovering why the police in Uvalde let children die. What the House did in 2022 is start at the bottom with the least impactful of the possible solutions. The only of benefit from this is to the Democrat agenda on guns and the 2nd Amendment, which is why it was passed with almost 100% of the Democrat majority. Hardening of schools is effective & will have an immediate impact. It is eliminating schools as a soft target. It is not just arming teachers, though that can be an option. But, a better one is providing school 'guardians' ( volunteers, teachers, parents, administrators, etc), armed and trained to secure the school at all events. This has been done in at least one Catholic diocese in Texas to protect against mass shootings in churches, which have also had highly publicized events over the past few years. It has worked and it will work in schools, too. This should be action #1 and will make an immediate difference! Investigating the police response is complete. A total failure of the police department in Uvalde. The police department in Nashville, based on reports and body camera footage, was outstanding. Two & 1/2 minute response! Yet the school was still a soft target. The Nashville shooter used several guns, one a favorite of the gun control mob, the AR-15. Rarely used for these purposes, but offering the left another political narrative to publish. (Also, helps the media ignore the narrative around the shooter being trans, which they would like to avoid.) The Washington Post in one issue printed the following headlines: Seven months of investigation, huh. Did you have nothing better to work on WaPo? Or, were you preparing for something? Significant damage to the body? Yes, you did get that one right. Since their invention, guns have had a long history of damaging effects on the human body. Visiting these horrific impacts now with regard to school shootings is in service of the guns control political narrative, not solving the mass shooting problem. Here is a description of impact on the body from a less sophisticated rifle and ammunition from 160 years ago. Small, but Deadly. Just prior to the Civil War, a new type of rifled musket and bullet were developed that increased the severity of the injuries to the soldiers. When Claude-E’tienne Minié perfected the minié ball in 1849, it is doubtful he knew of the carnage that it would cause in the American Civil War some twelve years later. ...The impact of the minie ball could be catastrophic, especially to long, thin lines of attacking soldiers. The soft lead of the minié ball caused the ball to flatten out upon hitting its target, and when the target was a human body, the bullet shattered bones and destroyed tissue in catastrophic ways. The exit wound was often much larger than the entrance wound. The rifled musket and the minié ball was responsible for a majority of combat casualties, with minie ball-induced amputations responsible for 3 out of 4 operations performed at Civil War hospitals. Every era has a technology that is disruptive and dangerous. Political bias is evident when the same media does not care to highlight this; Antifa Armed with AR-15s Guard ‘Kid Friendly’ Drag Show in Texas, or this. "Ignorance as strength" has been used to describe the media & left wing activists lack of knowledge regarding guns and the 2nd amendment.  as the New York Times proved in December of 2022.  It also came up in Congress debating guns and highlighting AR-15. ‘We don’t see anywhere, ever, … someone used an AR15 to defend their home..’, uh, yes we do. If the gun control mob and the media want to learn something about the AR-15, they can start by reading this; The Politically Incorrect Truth About America’s Rifle. We must commit to take on the items on the above list other than banning guns & ammo. Doing so will require more analysis to find appropriate solutions and necessary political intestinal fortitude to move to real solutions vs satisfying political narratives. This 'deeply flawed culture' took decades to evolve, it won't be corrected overnight.  But, we have to start and start now! More From The Gray Area: More From America's 1st Freedom: More From Breitbart: More From Heritage Foundation: More From The Gettysburg Compiler: More From National Museum of Civil War Medicine: Wounds, Ammunition, and Amputation 

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