Mass Shootings

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from The Gray Area:
6/1/22; updated 6/2/22:
Today's headline news, a gunman fatally shot at four people Wednesday before dying of gunshot wounds himself in a mass shooting at a medical clinic in Tulsa, Okla.. The major message below the story is this is the third mass shooting in 3 weeks! Sadly, every day violence happens somewhere in this country. Every weekend in Chicago people are murdered by gang & random violence. The left & the media call this 'gun' violence. In the interconnected world of the 21st Century, finding a violent incident somewhere is not difficult. Determining which violent incident to use for maximum political purpose, is not difficult either. These headline stories are not occurring by accident. Here is how it works. Political narratives are created. In this case mass shootings and gun violence are preferred political narratives. The media, after having established these concepts over years of repetition, then works to continue to serve these narratives as often as possible as news develops. Over this long period of indoctrination, the media, through its hype, emotion and drama reporting, enshrines the narrative and creates copycats of the preferred incident that highlights the narrative. This is especially effective, though, if events can happen at pre-determined times, like in advance of an election (Nov mid terms), to cover up other news stories that might explode another narrative (like the Durham investigation, Hunter Biden laptop and the film '2000 Mules'), and/or to enable legislative or other actions to run through the system under the radar from scrutiny (like Ukraine spending bill & abortion bill defeats). Isolating any tragic event with more than one person dead, especially if the perpetrator used a gun, are the 'mass shooting' and 'gun violence' narratives. Even better, if the perpetrator has a rifle, 'assault weapon' narrative gets added. This sad & ridiculous case in Tulsa, is the third 'mass shooting' in three weeks, following Buffalo, NY & Uvalde, Texas. In Buffalo, the 'race' narrative got added to the mass shooting, gun violence and assault weapons narratives. In Uvalde, 'kids killed' in a 'school shooting' narrative is added. It is almost too much for us to handle, and too convenient for the narratives, just the way the media likes it. 'If it bleeds it leads'. And, these have lead everyday for 3 weeks. Interestingly, and very telling, that this mass shooting story did not make any headlines last week on the national news. A woman with a concealed handgun stopped a mass shooting this week after a man attacked a graduation party in Charleston, West Virginia. Why not?  Because it does not support the political narratives. And further, when you look into the story, it actually hurts another narrative related to Buffalo, the perpetrator was a black man!  No, this story will not get wide play in the press or in the political dialogue.  It should.  It is a feel good story.  A story where lives were saved by a 'good gal with a gun'. A story of good winning over evil.  The stuff this country is based on.  Yet, you will not see it broadly discussed everyday for weeks. Serving political narratives matters most, not discussing the issue or saving lives. Page 1 & page 2 of this series pointed to different elements affecting these events and their timing. This doesn't happen by accident at all. There are solutions to this series of problems, but we have to ask the correct questions. However, before a big election, is not the time for deep thinking, only generating votes, even desperate, emotional votes. President Biden is going on TV at prime time Thursday to drive home the urgent need for Congress to take action to stop gun violence. A hint for President Biden and everyone else. It is not up to Congress and the rest of government to stop this supposed epidemic. It is up to us! Remember, there are 5 months left until the midterms. Unbelievable things will continue to happen. Most likely, none will be by accident. More From The Wall Street Journal:

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