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from The Gray Area:
5/16/22; updated 5/25/22:
This doesn't happen by accident was written a week ago after the tragic Buffalo shooting. Here we are again, one week later, with a school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, killing 21 kids.

Page two. This doesn't happen by accident. This evil is really too much to comprehend. Yet the article from last week still screams at me with this horror as well. Just change the name of the town. A terrible event happened in Texas over the weekend, and the media and left wing politicians can't help themselves. Political narratives must be served, again. Continuous bad news for the Biden administration, including daily gaffes by Biden & Harris, new charges from the Durham investigation and confirmation of the Hunter Biden laptop story, must be removed from the front pages. Even though that news is being censored by the legacy media, what does get out is extremely damaging to the already disastrous Democrat cause. There are 6 months left until the mid-terms. Every political analyst forecasts a Republican win in November. Just like in 2020, when another four years of Pres. Trump was considered unacceptable by Democrats & the media, looking at losing their congressional majority in November is even more unacceptable. Something had to happen in 2020 and something has to happen in 2022. Can anything possibly change the outcome in November? Never say never. What can happen between now and then? Two things: One, the Democrats have to pull out all the stops to get as much of their agenda completed as possible, before the expected November shellacking. Two, do anything to shake up the November election. That's what COVID did in 2020. That's why in 2022 you've seen in the last few weeks a never before leak from the Supreme Court, threats of a new spike in COVID cases and attacks on conservative media stars like Tucker Carlson as racist. This has all the hallmarks of preparing for of an event with specific timing for maximum benefit of Democrat's agenda. How? The top policy items on the Democrat agenda when Biden took office such as election reform, gun control, climate change, immigration and tax increases are largely still on the table. BBB, which includes all the above, has had problems getting passed over and over again. Tactics already used to pass such policy priorities have been to include them in Ukraine funding and COVID spending. The Dems know if they do not get these policies through this year, they will have to wait for another 2-6 years at least. Enter the Buffalo & Texas shootings. This insane event allows the media to tie together major elements of their agenda in one package with prominent political narratives. Gun control, systemic racism, KKK & Neo-Nazi nationalists in MAGA, Trump and conservative politics, immigration and violent right wing extremists. For example, Some of the torch-bearing “Unite the Right” demonstrators, including Ku Klux Klan members and neo-Nazis, who terrorized Charlottesville in 2017 were also motivated by the theory, which warns that an increase in the non-White population fueled by immigration will destroy White and Western civilization. It allows the left to further the racist narrative against conservative media stars. For example, a once-fringe racist idea that became a popular refrain among media figures such as Tucker Carlson and Laura Ingraham of Fox News and conservative writer Ann Coulter. It allows Democrat politicians & media to tie racism to immigration, attempting to leave the message that immigration is only a problem because of racist Republicans. All, way too convenient. But, no they say, it is not convenient it is just the truth! No, it is all false. As a matter of fact, it is the opposite that is true.

  • There is no race condition that conservatives place on any issue facing America. That is a political narrative. The left places race on every issue.
  • The pushback on identity politics is because this is bad for free people, anti-American and anti-Constitution. The left is pushing this narrative to 'fundamentally change this country'.
  • The pushback on climate change is because the alarmism is not science based and the strategy hurts the poorest among us. who need energy to prosper. Even though the left says they care about people, they don't. If they did care would they push a strategy that actually takes away the energy under-privileged people need to prosper. It is a political narrative that allows the left to launder money for left wing causes.
  • The pushback on elections is not the narrative about racist voter suppression, but a desire to keep American voting distributed, state controlled, safe & secure. Efforts to restrict free voting are designed to control outcomes for the elite on the left.
The closest thing to the truth about this is that if the media pushes a narrative long enough, they can create a certain part of the population to believe that it actually exists. Think Russian collusion or climate change. Or, think that this is a way to handle their problems. That could be why you see some disturbed people believe that they should do something stupid. Most conservatives, for that matter most Americans, have never heard of 'replacement theory'. If they have, it is because it has come from left wing media and politicians. Are they planting seeds for violence by using these narratives? If so, to what end? While the Biden Administration and Democrat politicians will say they are against racism and will comment on every example they see, that is not the case. It is only the case if it fits a political narrative. For example, President Biden makes a highly publicized trip to Buffalo and again to Uvalde to condemn white supremacy and racism. Did he come to Dallas to speak against the racist shooting at a Korean salon. No. Why, because the shooter was black and Koreans are not. Both in direct opposition to the political narrative. Why didn't he visit the church in California where the shooting by a Chinese immigrant was based on his hatred of the Taiwanese people. Again, does not support the media narrative as neither is black and minimizing negative comments about China is a political imperative. Why did he not visit the DC school that was fired into last week? Why did he not visit Brooklyn after the subway shooting last week? Because the suspect in the case is black. It is despicable to use a tragedy such as that in Buffalo and Texas for political purposes, but history shows that is not beyond the Democrats or the legacy media. When a Bernie Sanders supporter attempted to murder Republican Congressmen at a baseball practice in 2017, Democrats & the media were quick to say do not politicize this event. Yet, here they were quick to get the information out on such a broad and specific array of claims without enough time to research the event. Look at the Washington Post, The New York Times, MSNBC, CNN and other left wing media and all you see is cover to cover stories on these political narratives around the Buffalo & Texas shootings. MSNBC's Joy Reid says to hell with people who 'don't politicize this bs' over Texas shooting. Beto O’Rourke confronts Texas governor during update on Uvalde elementary school shooting. These news stories have been planned and built, looking for anything that they could apply them to for maximum hype while ignoring others and covering up negative stories about the disastrous Biden Administration and the extremist agenda they pursue. There is no question this horrible event happened, whether orchestrated or not. The convenience of preparing for and pushing false political narratives is equally apparent. Be sad about such a horrific event as that in Buffalo and Uvalde Texas. Look for the real reasons as to why such things happen. Then filter everything else you see, hear, and read on this subject for political narratives.

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