Sexual Misconduct
Using sexual misconduct for political purposes has proven a successful strategy for over 30 years. In the era of Trump 'resistance' the strategy has a renewed priority.

GOP Confidence in Kavanaugh Confirmation Grows

from The Wall Street Journal,

Two key senators appear satisfied with FBI report, paving way for vote; Democrats say probe was limited.

With a 51-49 majority, Republican leaders can afford no more than one defection for the nomination to succeed. Attention now turns even more sharply to the three uncommitted Republican senators—Jeff Flake of Arizona, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine—who had said they were awaiting the report before making up their minds.

Asked Thursday whether he now had enough information to confirm Judge Kavanaugh, Mr. Flake suggested the report didn’t provide new corroboration of the allegations. “I’m still reviewing the information, but we’ve seen no additional information yet—no additional corroborating information,” Mr. Flake said. Ms. Collins, leaving a staff briefing on the report, told reporters that “it appears to be a very thorough investigation,” rejecting Democrats’ assertions that it was woefully incomplete. Ms. Collins said she planned to return to the secure area later Thursday “to personally read the interviews.” Ms. Murkowski was less definitive. “We’re not done, we’re not done in there. I need to do more,” she said as she left the secure room, adding that she plans to return “soon.”

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