Sexual Misconduct
Using sexual misconduct for political purposes has proven a successful strategy for over 30 years. In the era of Trump 'resistance' the strategy has a renewed priority.

Keep Fighting Mr. Governor

from The Gray Area:

I am not a fan of New York Governor Cuomo. I think he is a phony, a horrendously bad Governor and not trustworthy. His work during the pandemic in NY has destroyed NYC and seriously degraded the rest of the state. Some of his decisions, particularly those around nursing homes are borderline criminal. His daily new conferences, for which he got an Emmy Award, were well produced and choreographed to present an image to the public. That image does not match the reality of his leadership in NY. With that as a backdrop, one would think I might agree with the sexual accusations presented against him, but I'm not. Here's why. 1. I have not read the specific details of the allegations presented by the multiple accusers. What I have heard indicate he is in trouble for politically incorrect things he said, for kissing on the forehead, or cheek, and touching someone's face. This is ridiculous on the surface. In today's overly sensitive culture, any attempt at connecting with people kindly, warmly or even affectionately is considered chauvinist and sexual misconduct. This cultural norm creates separation among people, divides the population based on gender (traditional gender, male & female) is damaging & wrong. It needs to be changed. 2. I have heard nothing about him assaulting anyone, about him propositioning anyone, about him trading sexual favors for jobs, access or other political favors. Those type allegations are serious and legitimate. 3. I believe the Democrats want to take him out as a potential candidate for the 2024 Presidential race because he is a damaged candidate. Whether it be the results of his COVID lockdowns in NY, the exodus of business and citizens from NY, his pleading for people to return, his nursing home catastrophe and now sexual misconduct allegations, he is a severely damaged candidate. And, in NY, he has many enemies in both parties. pushing this scandal does two things for the Democrats, eliminates Cuomo, and gives the party the opportunity to say they have zero tolerance for sexual misconduct, even in their own high profile ranks. Further evidence of this just came out while I was writing this article. Joe Biden just called for Andrew Cuomo to resign! Now, that's 'the pot calling the kettle black'! 4. His video response today to the report was extremely well produced and written. To me, it was genuine and probably honest.

Politically, for the people of NY, I hope this is his last term as Governor. With regard to this report of sexual misconduct, I hope he stands up against it and proves it to be the overblown PC sensitivities that many of these accusations are. It will be interesting politically if the media decides to back him now and not the women who accused him. They never do that when a Republican is accused. They are still trying to go after Kavanaugh...

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