Electoral College

The Electoral College is Genius!

from The Gray Area:

What does this map tell you?

A Divided America? Perhaps. Divided along urban and rural geographic lines for sure.

The map hasn't really changed much in the past 4 Presidential Elections. An ideological, political, media and Hollywood elite, attempting to control the country from New York, Washington DC, Boston, Philadelphia, Los Angeles ( and a few others).

Hillary Clinton will win the majority vote across America by a small margin due to the overwhelming Democrat votes in these largest cities in this country. So, the popular vote today heavily represents the most populace cities.

A simple example. Suppose you were in a room to vote on a topic and you used the popular vote method. The voting group includes 7 men and 4 women. In this situation, the will of the women would most generally not carry the day. They would end up over time feeling totally unrepresented. The Electoral College eliminates the issue of the unrepresented.

What if popular vote was the process for national elections? First, the vast majority of people in the densely populated American cities are predisposed to the message and agenda of the Democrat party. That makes it clear why the left is unhappy these days about the electoral college process. It doesn't serve them well if they cannot expand their message to the rural areas. Instead of improving their message, they blame the rural citizens for being uneducated, narrow minded, racists.

Second, the will of the citizenry of those cities would be in charge of this country. Those same cities that are collapsing before our eyes. Third, the 'fly over' states in between would feel totally unrepresented. Obviously not a good process at all.

Trump's winning coalition exposed that in 2016, though it has been true the past 4 national elections. Trump won the popular vote in Wisconsin and Michigan and Pennsylvania (typically solid blue, Democrat states) and swing states like Florida and Ohio. He won the popular vote in 30 of the 50 states! Hillary did not win the vote or flip any typically Republican states.

This has only happened 5 times in 229 years, 45 elections. Mr. Trump joins John Quincy Adams,Rutherford B. Hayes,Benjamin Harrison and George W. Bush as the only presidents who won without the popular vote. After 2000, this is the second time in recent years—a product of the deep and wide division in America between the urban and the rural, the sophisticated and the rustic, the cosmopolitan and the local.

So, what does this voting by county map tell you?

The absolute brilliance of the founding fathers. And, the genius of the electoral college system.

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