Pelosi Is Correct

from The Gray Area:

Nancy Pelosi stated on MSNBC yesterday the the GOP were 'enemies of the state'! Obviously this statement got quick rebuke from the GOP but it even stunned the MSNBC interviewer, who responded, "wow".

Actually, Ms. Pelosi is correct. When you consider the 'state' she wants is not America, but a totalitarian state that eliminates free speech, free thought, freedom of association, personal responsibility, debate on the issues and many other freedoms we enjoy. To that 'state', the GOP and many Democrats and Independents, are firm enemies. Now, of course, she would not agree that this is the 'state' she was referring to because she was, and is, just playing hardball politics. She was not trying to accurately explain her or the GOP's position. She was making a soundbite moment on a friendly network to her base. In the MSNBC interview, the context of the conversation she was having was about voting rights, Russian interference and the made up idea of GOP voter suppression. But, even in this context, and including the over the top accusations she was making, without evidence (as the media would say if it were Trump making these points), the statement is not only inaccurate, but embarrassing for her and her party. Free & fair elections are at sever risk by random, inaccurate and insecure mail-in balloting. It has been proven thoughout this year during primaries in state after state, New York, Nevada, Iowa and others. We all care about free & fair elections. Most Democrats, Independents and Republicans would agree, if the media would accurately explain the issue. But, they won't, and therefore, grandstanding, hardball political soundbite moments like this must be the point on which we debate. As with many statements made in this time of extreme political divisions, the opposite is most often true. There are 'enemies of the state, America' among us. The actual 'enemies', are those revolutionaries rioting in the street, destroying our cities and threatening our citizens. Are they supporting Republicans or Democrats? The enemies are also the mayors and in some cases the Governors of those cities and states, who condone such violence and do not protect their citizens from it. Are they Democrats or Republicans? Nancy Pelosi gave direct support to these groups in the same interview when she said, "...let's just get out there, mobilize, organize...". Really? Yes. It is support, because she won't denounce them, is encouraging more, and refers to them as 'peaceful'. Peaceful protest has long ago been taken over by mobs, well funded and well organized. If there is to be voter suppression in November, it will come from revolutionary groups like BLM & Antifa. Vary your news sources so you can 'see' all the information, not just take what is given by the 'censorship' media. When you can 'see' with your own eyes the entire picture, most Democrats, Independents and Republicans agree on the threat to America. The radical left fringe, supported by these paramilitary groups, are the current 'domestic terrorists' and 'enemies of the United States'.

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