Weakness squared.

from The Gray Area:

It has already been well established that President Biden has brought weakness back to the United States at home and on the world stage.

President Biden came in the office and immediately crawled back to Iran about a new nuclear plan. Then he crawled out of Afghanistan leaving dead bodies and a destroyed the country and the wreckage. Now he’s giving Ukraine to Putin. All of that illustrating to the world a weak United States administration.

Today his administration denied Poland‘s request to provide military aid to Ukraine to use against the Russian invasion. The reason stated is that he doesn’t want to provoke Putin into a broader war. Message to Putin, weakness squared. Exponential weakness.

Putin has already referred to the economic sanctions on Russia as an act of war so what is Biden afraid of? Who is more at risk to Russia in this situation the USA or Poland? Yet Poland is ready to stand up to Putin. The USA is not.

So afraid is President Biden and his administration that they would rather show weakness to Putin than stand up to him and tell him this will not be allowed. Putin now realizes that all he has to do is threaten and the US will back down because we don’t want a war.

Russia has always responded to strength. It’s the only thing that they respect. If they sense or see weakness they will attack. They’ve done that throughout their history, they’re done it in the last half century and they are doing it now. This aggressive response will continue and get broader throughout the world as tyrants in Iran, in China and other oppressed regimes pick up the message that they can do whatever they want and the only thing that the United States will do is send them a 'moderately', not strongly, worded letter. Zelenski asked us for ammunition not a ride. Poland steps up to help and we say no. The USA would rather give Zelenski ride out of the country. Help run away when all he wants to do is fight for his country. Recent polling on who would stand up and fight if the US was invaded revealed Democrats would run away and leave the country with their hair on fire. Apparently the Biden administration here is presenting an example of that cowardice.

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