What is the future of Russia in the world?

from The Gray Area,
Charles Lipson of Spectator World makes the following opening statement in his article, Putin cannot afford to end the conflict without securing major gains in the east. The fog of war doesn’t just apply to generals, sergeants, and privates. It applies to strategists and outside observers, including the best-informed journalists on the ground. All are swamped by a confusing barrage of information, some accurate, some not, none of it complete or definitive. That’s why, after over a month of fighting in Ukraine, it helps to step back, consider the basic outcomes, and try to project what will happen next. Lipson's article is a good review of the current betting on Russia - Ukraine, but what is next? Here is some of what we are facing now:
  • Russia threatens to cut off oil.
  • Putin threatens nuclear and/or chemical weapons use.
  • Nobody really wants to deploy US or NATO forces against Russia broadening the conflict.
  • Russian war atrocities are coming to light.
  • Russia claims eastern Ukraine like Hitler claimed eastern Europe.
  • What is Ukraine gives up a third of its country to just end the war? Russia moves later into the rest of Ukraine and probably other countries.
  • How does Russian save face in the conflict if they do not win or take territory from Ukraine?
  • How does the world react to Russia in either scenario?
  • Already European countries are increasing their defenses.
The expectation is that no one in a leadership position in the world is thinking about that. Certainly not the UN. The UN couldn't do anything anyway because of the way it was set up, Russia has a veto. So, what would we do? We need a firm program with strong consequences for Russia, like WWII with Germany & Japan, so that they will never threaten the world again. Period! A negotiated end to the conflict like other 20th centuries wars, Korea, Vietnam, Afghanistan, etc, do nothing to make the world safer.  This time, we need to take the strong decisive steps.  Where will that strong decisive leadership come from? More From Epoch Times: More From Breitbart: More From Spectator World:

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