Government Shutdown
There is a need to pass a bill extending routine government funding after a stopgap bill expires March 27. Without an extension, a partial government shutdown would occur. Congress must pass this spending bill, called a continuing resolution or “CR,” which would continue spending after Sept. 30, 2013, the end of the 2013 fiscal year. As it stands now, the government’s legal authority to borrow more money runs out in mid-October, 2013. According to the Bipartisan Policy Center, if that date arrived on October 18, the Treasury “would be about $106 billion short of paying all bills owed between October 18 and November 15. The congressionally mandated limit on federal borrowing is currently set at $16.7 trillion. The debt limit has been raised 13 times since 2001 and has grown from about 55 percent of Gross Domestic Product in 2001 to 102 percent of GDP last year.

Wall Showdown! Who Is Putting The Best Interest of the American People First?

from The Gray Area:

Tonight President Trump gave a TV address to the nation from the Oval Office concerning what he called the immigration crisis on our southern border with Mexico. The fact is that negotiations failed over a government spending bill without sufficient border security funding brought us to the current partial government shutdown, and has now also become a border wall showdown.

This political showdown puts appropriately in front of the American people the ugly politics that are driving the shutdown and the issue of border security. The political and media spin, as they do with every political issue in our country, only serves to purposely confuse the public, not educate and enlighten them.

So, who has the American people's best interest at heart? Trump? Or, the anti-Trump resistance?

Lets take a moment to analyze the arguments.

This is a manufactured crisis by President Trump. Do 10,000,000 illegal immigrants in this country constitute a crisis? Do 3,000 (or any other number) migrants who marched on and are massed at our southern border right now, attempting to enter the United States, legally or illegally, represent a crisis? Do almost 400 thousand undocumented immigrants apprehended at the southern border in 2018 constitute a crisis? Do similar or larger numbers every year constitute a crisis. Crisis? Look at the example of allowing 1,000,000 immigrants to freely move into and widely disperse in Europe. When you add the criminal element, debated at around 10%, do the math. Does allowing this number of criminals into our country every year sound like something we should continue to ignore? Democrats add that even more illegals are those who over stay their visas. Okay, does this indicate an even larger immigration problem? The answer is clearly yes, it is a crisis we have ignored for at least 30 years, and we created 60 years ago. It must be fixed. Majority of Americans don't want the wall. Here is the polling data on the mood of the country from Pew, Gallup, Economist/YouGov & CBS/YouGov. Economist/YouGov says 7% if American think illegal immigration is not a problem and 6% say they don't know. The remaining 87% say that illegal immigration is a problem ranging from minor, to serious, to very serious, with 40% saying very serious! Gallup says immigration as surged to the top of most important problem list. CBS/YouGov says 51% of Americans believe that a wall along the United States southern border is a good thing. So, the left wing media and Democrats in Congress are only giving you part of the data and spinning within that data point. Pew provides detail about immigrants in the United States. What are the other arguments from the Democrats about why they oppose the border wall? -Walls don't work... Somehow they have worked well for thousands of years, but they won't work now... they're work in Jordan, Israel, and Tunisia. El Paso is now one of the safest cities in American since they built a border wall. -Walls are just immoral. Whether they work or not...In case you're keeping track on your morality chart at home, walls are moral, In fact, more than moral, laudable, when they're built in Jordan, Israel, or Tunisia, with American backing. When they're built here to protect our own population, they are immoral. Curious? -not good technology, a 15th century solution, to the problem. Trump already agreed to every technology idea the Democrats came up with in addition to his own. -anyone who supports the wall is ignorant & inbred. Diversion and division, not a responsible argument. - Democrats don't want to stop the wall because it doesn't work, they want to stop the wall because they know it will work, too well. Here is the Presidents plan. The border wall is only one of 8 major elements for border security.

What movement has been made by Pelosi, Schumer and the Democrats in Congress vs Trump? -Democrat compromises: $1.3B in funding. -Trump compromises: $800 million dollars for humanitarian aid at the border, $675M to deter and detect illegal drugs at the border, change the wall construction to steel, dropped his number for funding the wall, and open to adding DACA. Open the government, end the shutdown, and we will negotiate. Do you really think reopening government will help negotiations? The government is shutdown over an inability for Congress and the President to agree on a spending bill. The President has made moves to find a negotiated settlement, but has gotten no movement from the Democrats in Congress. Once the shutdown ends, Congress and the Democrats will be back to business as usual, foot dragging against a wall they constantly say now they will not support. If they really want to negotiate, why aren't they laying out a good faith plan now? Lyndsay Graham (R-SC) said he is going to lay out a plan this week to try to end the empasse. Crime from immigrants is lower than that in the general population? That is a ridiculous argument. These statistics conflate legal and illegal immigrants for the purposes of making a political point. But, even if this were true, it does not matter when 3,000 people are lined up at our back door trying to walk in. Use the 90% estimate of peaceful immigrants in that crowd, then there would be 300 violent criminals in that group. Wouldn't anyone want to take the time to find those criminals before anyone comes into the country? Of course, this is just common sense. I guess Democrats don't mind having any number of additional criminals coming into the country. Then letting them migrate to sanctuary cities / states where, if they commit a crime, they cannot be captured or deported. Look at the condition of the sanctuary state of California- an American Nightmare. Secretary of Homeland Security Bridget Neilsen said in Congress that coming across our borders are people who have committed 100,000 violent assaults, 4,000 homicides, 30,000 sex crimes, without counting the drugs and terrorists. Crisis? Why did the same Democrats support a wall/barrier before Donald Trump became president. Democrats say loudly that they do support border security, yet they never have a plan to do so. However, before Trump was President, the same Democrats apparently did support border security.

You said Mexico was going to pay for the wall. The president is going to force American taxpayers instead of sticking to his promise to have Mexico pay for it. This after Trump already negotiated a new deal with Mexico which saves this country's taxpayers billions. Those funds, no longer going to Mexico, but staying home, more than pay for the wall. If anyone thought he ever meant Mexico was going to write us a check, they are more naive than they appear to be in normal conversation. This was a brilliant idea and execution. Who is not telling the truth? The New York Times did a real time fact check on the President's speech, and could only find statements that 'need context'. Wow, nice job. They then go out of there way to assert they found two false and one misleading statement. In the explanations of each they clearly revealing Trump's comments were not necessarily false or misleading, but more likely, true. Why are they false or misleading when they represent a difference of opinion for the Democrats & the Media. One person's spin is okay, while the others is a lie! Because they try to control thought and speech every day, that's why. Every other left wing news organization, including Pelosi & Schumer, say he was lying and manufacturing a crisis, (like they manufacture a climate crisis, I guess). Which is why no one can believe what they see or read in the American media. Vary your news sources! We want the Statue of Liberty to stand for America, not a wall. Yes, we all want and see the Statue of Liberty as our symbol of freedom and opportunity. Remember, passing by that Statue on their way to Ellis Island were immigrants who came in legally to start a new life for all of us. America welcomes more than one million legal immigrants every year who go through a long vetting process. We need a wall for those who don't.

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