Polling is an integral part of any election season. As such, we want to display those polls and poll results that are relevant to our readers: Gallup; Pew Research; Rasmussen; Real Clear Politics; networks (NBC/WSJ, CBS, ABC, CNN, Fox) and others as relevant.

Why were the polls so wrong, again?

from The Gray Area:

The failure of 2020 polling should finally destroy the media's credibility on elections. Interestingly though, there are pollsters that get election polling right. So why are the national media outlets so unable to the same?

Questions need to be asked and answered regarding are these erroneous polls just simple mistakes, blatant incompetence, lying and/or bias.

Answering these questions will probably not happen, nor will the necessary accountability for the gross errors.

The following articles explain the embarrassment of election polling.

from The Wall Street Journal,

Trump confounds the pollsters again as the presidential race goes to the wire. Why the president defied expectations, again.

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