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In understanding the media and political debate around gas prices, it is important to understand the tactics of the media regarding preferred politicians & political narratives. The article below explains how 'gaslighting' is being used with regard to oil & gas pricing. 'Gaslighting' is the technique used to make the public believe that what has just happened before your very eyes, did, in fact, not happen.

Another article explains the Keystone pipeline impact that is also being 'gaslighted' by avoiding facts and details.

WaPo published an article today where they admitted "Partisans ... are misrepresenting the facts." And, "... the U.S. government can have an effect of shaping market perceptions that on the margins can affect prices." However, they preceded that up with the contradictory and false statement, "There’s little evidence that Biden’s policies have had any direct impact on oil production." To be fair, the WaPo article did include several accurate points like; market pricing, replacement costs and it's not price gouging. But, another media technique is revealed to cover such facts with 'word salad' (lots of words and jargon pulled together) that leaves the reader scratching their head. At that point the shorthand political narrative takes over.

Its hard to find straight truth. The article below highlights what to look out for and screen out of your reading.

from American Conservative,

While prices at the pump are soaring, politicians and pundits are pretending the past two years didn't happen.

On that note, gas prices. Unless you’re a hermit or a metrosexual, you may have opted for just a half tank this past week, as the bill for a full tank of gasoline at a median price of $4.33 per gallon—the highest average ever recorded in the United States, per AAA Gas Prices—was just too painful. Or maybe you filled it all the way in the morning, suspecting the same amount of gas would cost more by the time you drove home from work in the evening. Impelled by a combination of record inflation, the Russian invasion of Ukraine, and now President Biden’s ban on Russian oil imports, prices at the pump are only expected to increase in the near future. At the White House, the crisis has been answered with some good old-fashioned gaslighting.

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