Are the media the treasonous group here ?

from The Gray Area:
There seems to be some back tracking on the details of the Gen. Mark Milley call to China. Even those on the right, who would love to see Milley court marshaled, are saying wait, maybe we should reconsider. What is causing this reconsideration? Lack of trust in the media. Given the consistent record of inaccurate reporting of White House activity in previous books by Woodward, there are those who believe, he may not have this situation exactly right either. Also, Trump’s secretary of defense, Mike Esper is reported to have sent military officials to tell China to relax, because of intelligence reports that they, the Chinese, believed confirmed Trump was about to make a surprise attack. All that puts the allegations in a different light. The Washington Post further states that if Milley can successfully answer three questions, that may put this all into proper perspective. But, none of that is the point regarding the media.

Why did everyone take off running with this story in the first place? Media reports regarding the Woodward book hyped the Milley interview and used the conversation about the China call as another opportunity to attack Trump. In their consistent TDS, Trump Derangement Syndrome, they would not verify information, just put out a Trump negative report and leave it. They again positioned Trump as so unstable even military leaders had to reassure enemies we would not be attacking them. They never stopped to think that every American who heard that would be incensed at Milley, not Trump. If the media had stopped and reported as professional journalists, especially on such a sensitive & important subject, the media would have investigated all this before going to print. I know - that can't happen anymore. And, we understand, first to print these days 'trumps', no pun intended, accuracy of reporting. All this Milley stuff may be creating a backlash against the media. Thus, they have to do this 180 to show everyone they are hot on the 'correct' story, after printing the original, maybe false, hyped story. This type of media is not of value to the American people. Maybe it is the media who are irresponsible and treasonous? More From The Gray Area:

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