Using COVID as an excuse

from The Gray Area:

There has been an uproar on the right when the Pentagon denied the parking permit that had been available for 30 years, to hold the annual 'Rolling for Freedom' ride in DC. While it is clearly an exaggeration to say that Biden denied the rally, it is true that his administration denied the rally the right to park at the Pentagon.

This is 2021, the pandemic is largely behind us. States have opened up and many have removed mask restrictions. Yet the Pentagon says they cannot approve the parking permit due to COVID concerns. Ladies and gentlemen, that is an excuse, period. Now, will the ride occur and get parking privileges somewhere else, certainly. But the Pentagon is a perfect place for this display of pride and support for our veterans. Why would the Pentagon want to stop it? Would President Trumps, or President Bush's pentagon want to stop it from occurring in their parking lot? Of course not. Sad. But, not shocking, unless you expect something different from this administration.

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