War on Religion
If you doubt there is a War on Religion, consider this. Every day in America we hear of high school cheerleaders who can't use religious words like faith, Jesus Christ, hope and love on banners; valedictorians at high schools are told not to include religious messages or risk punishment; proselytizing in the military is grounds for a courts martial; desecrating war memorials with crosses because they are religious symbols; HS football players cannot put memorial crosses on their helmets; and on and on and on. Tell me that this action by the Chinese government is not the same thing that is happening here! "Chinese police reportedly surrounded the town of Donglu on Sunday to prevent its residents, the majority of whom are Catholic, from holding a procession in honor of the Virgin Mary." Religious prejudice and intolerance is growing in Europe often under the guise of tolerance. It is exactly the same thing that is happening here. It makes the War on Religion seem like such an insufficient label for what must really be going on, a totalitarian fear and censorship of religious activity throughout the world, including America. Religion and Public Life in America makes the case that "today's secular culture views orthodox Christian churches as troublesome, retrograde, and reactionary forces. They’re seen as anti-science, anti-gay, and anti-women—which is to say anti-progress as the Left defines progress. Not surprisingly, then, the Left believes society will be best served if Christians are limited in their influence on public life. And there won’t just be arguments; there will be laws as well." Wake up America and demand the return of Religious Freedom in America. The country was built on the principle. The 1st Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America grants freedom of worship, speech & press; the right to petition the government & to assemble peaceably. Specifically with regard to "religion" it states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Many on the left have tried for at least 50 years to re-write history with regard to "separation of church and state" and to downgrade the religious beliefs of the founding fathers. This quote should satisfy both questions: "Of all the dispositions and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports ... and let us with caution indulge the supposition that morality can be maintained without religion. Whatever may be conceded to the influence of refined education on minds of peculiar structure, reason and experience both forbid us to expect that national morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principle." George Washington, Farewell Speech, 9/17/1796 (from "Being George Washington"). See the dialogue from both sides below.

Biden, as leader of the anti-God Democrat Party, Trump is correct.

from The Gray Area:

Joe Biden, as a Catholic and as the leader of the Democrat Party has a religious conundrum. He is religious, but his party is not. On that score Trump is correct. If Biden cannot separate himself from the Democrat Party anti-religion positions, then Trump is right again, and Biden is turning his back on his faith and is anti-God.

If you are a Catholic, like Biden, or a person of any faith tradition, and you vote Democrat, you need to look closely at your commitment to your faith. And, you need to look closely at the Democrat Party policies, the Democrat Party platform and the actions of the progressive wing, which is now in control of the Party, toward religion. Not so you say! Lets examine. 1. In 2012 the Democrat party platform removed all reference to God. FACT! The Party was called into emergency session for political reasons to reinsert the word God in order to get away with and hide their position. The voice vote was questionable as to the winner and when announced 'booed' by the attendees. They actually 'booed' God. Biden knows this, he avoids mentioning God whenever he can. 2. Democrats have long tried to diminish religion and the free expression thereof. During the pandemic, Democrat governors, when closing their states, closed church services and kept them closed, while allowing alcohol, pot and protests to continue. One California suit that challenged this was upheld by the Supreme Court. The cancel culture of the left attacks anyone and any company that supports faith based business practices. See Chick-Fil-A just as one reference. In 2018, Gov. Jerry Brown (D-CA) threatened to ban the sale of bibles! Some Democrats in Congress have stated that holding public office requires one to denounce their religious affiliations. (Kamala Harris anyone)

In 2007, Ann Coulter wrote a book about this subject, Godless, The Church of Liberalism.

She focuses on the fact that "many Americans are outraged by liberal hostility to traditional religion. But, to focus solely on the Left's attacks on our Judeo-Christian tradition is to miss a larger point: liberalism is a religion—a godless one." Socialism anybody? 3. Protestors, supported by Democrat politicians and party progressives, burned churches, defaced churches, burned bibles, vandalized religious statues, destroyed religious statues and more. Since June, there have been nearly a dozen reported attacks on Catholic churches around the nation. These disturbing attacks range from arson to the beheading of a statue of the Virgin Mary.” 4. Democrats support Black Lives Matter, an admitted Marxist organization. By definition, Marxism is anti-religion. 5. Polls & studies will tell you that few Democrats are believers and that young millenials are strongly anti-religion. Mayor Pete Buttigieg's Presidential run tried to change that notion, without much success. Only 9% of white Democrats are highly religious and liberal. Fewer than half of Democrats and people who lean Democratic (44%) said churches and religious organizations do “more good than harm” in society, compared to 71% of Republicans and Republican leaners, the survey showed. 'Nones' is a growing segment in this country. 6. Separation of church and state is a basic tenant of the Democrat party positions. The founders did not make this country separate from religion, they said it could not survive with faith and a moral character. This position is the opposite of the founding principles. This is designed to reduce religious expression in the country. An unconstitutional position and action.

7. Freedom From Religion Foundation is a leftist organization who advocate for exactly what their name says, freedom FROM religion, and support the Democrat Party. 8. Democrats support removal of crosses and all religious based memorials, such as those built to celebrate our veterans & war dead. They belittle and denigrate prayer. They try to keep churches out of neighborhoods, attack teachers/coaches for reciting or using bible verses and make school children remove God from poems. And don't think the military is being missed in these attacks. Obama's Pentagon Classified Evangelical Christians, Catholics as “Extremists” 9. Hypocrisy fills Democrat Catholics. Abortion is against Catholic beliefs. Catholicism is pro-life. Some Christians, including Catholics, support abortion. That doesn't change the fact that it is against Catholic beliefs. You are not a Catholic in good standing if you support abortion. You are not a Catholic if you support those who support abortion. That is why Biden has been denied and Pelosi has been threatened with not receiving communion and admonished for these positions. 10. It is actually hard to find anything that points to support for religion and people of faith in people of the left and the Democrat Party itself. But in fairness, lets give the former VP a chance to defend himself. Like so many people, my faith has been the bedrock foundation of my life: it's provided me comfort in moments of loss and tragedy, it's kept me grounded and humbled in times of triumph and joy. And in this moment of darkness for our country — of pain, of division, and of sickness for so many Americans — my faith has been a guiding light for me and a constant reminder of the fundamental dignity and humanity that God has bestowed upon all of us,” Biden said in an Aug. 6 statement.“For President Trump to attack my faith is shameful. It's beneath the office he holds and it's beneath the dignity the American people so rightly expect and deserve from their leaders," he added. Everyone should believe him when he says these words, because I think he is speaking from his heart. Unfortunately, he is like every other Democrat in allowing the 'Godless' to take over the Party. If you run as the leader of the Democrat party, who removes God from its platform, support closing and attacking of churches and aggressively works to malign and reduce religious expression, then you have to ask yourself, is this the place for me and my faith? If it is, then you will be painted with the colors of your Party, anti-God.

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