Canadian Truckers donations doxed by media and RCMP

from The Gray Area:

I posted last week that it was time for the truckers to stop the protest and go home. After you get home, using the power you compiled during the protest, continue your pushing your message through the proper political channels. Trudeau and local officials need to restore order in Canada, just as Trump and local officials in the US did not during in the 2020 BLM riots. But, not this way.

Examples below of illegal retribution by the state and others against those who donated to the Canadian trucker protest.

The Washington Post is contacting people on the leaked list. Even Ilhan Omar thought this was wrong, wow! Is it evident yet that we are not living in reasonable political times? Tyranny and government oppression run wild. As do control tactics of radical individuals and media. If you do anything, anywhere, that they don't like, the Marxist elite will try to hurt you. This should be illegal and prosecuted, but it is not.

Did anyone see the list of 2020 BLM riot donations? Of course not. Approved by the Marxist elite. The trucker protest should stop and a new protest against tyranny should begin.

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