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Hamas Terror Illustrates That The Radical Left Has Infiltrated Our Universities.

from The Gray Area,
Sometimes good comes from horrible events. COVID presented American parents with the radical infiltration of our education system and the indoctrination of our children. Now, the war in the Middle East. as horrific as it is, exposes the radical infiltration of our colleges and universities. There should no longer be any question, despite media political narratives to the contrary, as to the source of hatred, anti-semitism, and racism in America. The Marxist revolutionary goals of the radical progressive left have been exposed. 1. ...a Cornell professor declared how watching Hamas terrorists commit unspeakable atrocities against Israeli civilians was “exhilarating” and “energizing,” many of his colleagues took to social media to condemn Israel for a crime it had not committed. Several academics at Harvard, Brown, Columbia, Duke, Georgetown, Yale, and other supposedly prestigious universities fully embraced their role as propagandists for Hamas by sharing or reposting fake news on X (formerly Twitter), erroneously blaming Israel for the hospital bombing. Examples from Daily Signal include:   2. The University of Michigan Law School Exposed—Rotten to the Core. This is the last article of a 10-part series that J. Christian Adams and I started over six months ago to expose the radical curricula of the top 10 law schools as rated by U.S. News & World Report last year. Christian covered the top-ranked school, Yale, then Chicago, Harvard, NYU, and Cal Berkley. I covered number two, Stanford, and also Columbia, Penn, UVA, and now the University of Michigan. As Christian has said, if you’ve missed any of the madness catalog, click a link below. UMich is just as bad as the other schools, if not worse. If you want to spend almost $100,000 a year to turn your son or daughter into a radical, America-hating extremist whose goal is to bring down our republic, particularly our supposedly white supremacist legal system, then Ann Arbor is the place to go. None of this is surprising given the recent news about student organizations at various colleges, including law students, supporting Hamas terrorists and their kidnapping and murder of Israeli civilians, the same way the infamous, anti-Semitic German American Bund of the 1930s supported the Nazis. Law students at three of the law schools we have covered—Harvard, NYU, and Columbia—have had job offers from law firms withdrawn because of their support for these terrorists. No shock that the University of Michigan has such groups, too, like the “Young Democratic Socialists of America,” who applaud Hamas’s killing spree as the “revolutionary will of the people,” and “Students Allied for Freedom and Equality,” who call on “honor[ing] our martyrs” in “resist[ing] imperialism.” Explained by The Heritage Foundation:   3. Colleges Caught Between Hamas-Supporting Students and Wealthy Donors. Universities are not in the education business. They are in the misty-eyed nostalgia business. A key part of their revenue consists of donations from aging alumni whose fond memories of late nights with good buddies and first loves serve as a sort of fountain of youth. These emotionally attached older graduates also help ensure that public subsidies to higher education continue to flow without interruption. But this misty-eyed nostalgia business model is in danger of disruption by scores of student groups at universities across the country endorsing or rationalizing, in the name of “decolonization,” the atrocities being committed by Hamas. More From Heritage Foundation:   4. Near Tulane University in New Orleans on Thursday was out of another century. In an anti-Israel demonstration near the Tulane University campus, one demonstrator, in the bed of a pickup truck, tried to light an Israeli flag on fire. When a Tulane student tried to snatch the flag from him, another demonstrator, waving a Palestinian flag, hit the student over the head with the flagpole. Elsewhere, Israel supporters were punched, and one was hit with a megaphone, causing a broken nose. More From The Washington Post (subscription required):

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