'Right to Work' Rewarded in 2016 Election

from The Gray Area:

The January 2017 issue of the National Right to Work Newsletter highlights how "right to work" and "right to work" politicians won in the 2016 election. And, forced unionism lost.

Three states may now be ready to prohibit compulsory union dues. November 8th wasn’t just an upset victory for Donald Trump. It was also a banner night for the right-to-work movement. At least two states — possibly three — will become right-to-work next year. Kentucky, Missouri and New Hampshire may take the total to 29.

Politicians who passed 'right to work" rewarded. Efforts to punish forced union dues foes at the polls failed miserably. Big labor spent more than $10 million to defeat Gubernatorial candidate Eric Greitens in Missouri. But voters chose him anyway.

Most indebted states favor forced dues. A recent report by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) adds to the evidence that government union officials endowed with monopoly-bargaining and forced-dues privileges routinely wield them to jack up governments’ long-term spending commitments. Union dons demand higher spending even in the near-bankrupt Illinois.

Union bosses losing control over the White House. For the third time in six years, voters in the vast majority of the 50 states dealt a drubbing to union boss puppet politicians in the 2016 federal elections. Overall union officials spent roughly $2 billion in 2015-2016 to install Hillary Clinton in the White House and elect other like minded candidates. The vast majority of the money came from workers forced union dues and fees.

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