Hate Speech from Hillary

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from The Gray Area:

Hillary Clinton yesterday called Republicans terrorists for their views on women. Recognize the fact that she is not talking about the Republican positions, she’s just characterizing her competitors as “terrorist”. This Democrat strategy of demonizing people instead of discussing issues is nothing new, demonstrated by Pres Obama to an art form, so we should expect this and not be shocked by it. But we should not accept it.

Everything Donald Trump says is picked apart by the left-leaning, Democrat Party media in this country. It is painted in the worst possible way. Yet this class-less statement is presented in a supportive way in the media by highlighting the GOPs supposed “extreme views”. The Democrat’s success at falsely labeling GOP positions as extreme or racist is again well known, but nonetheless effective thanks filtered through a compliant media.

This is hate speech at its most transparent. If Curt Schilling can get in trouble for a tweet comparing Muslim extremists to Nazis, how can Hillary get away with comparing Republican’s to terrorists? Because she will not be demanded all say long for weeks to retract or apologize by her friendly media. The comment and its message will just stay there in the mind of the women voters.

But the real issue here is that this hate speech is all planned to get the email controversy off the front page. Draw attention to Hillary for being aggressive in her attacks, get her base all revved up again, get the opposition complaining about her meanness, get the message out to women that the GOP is prehistoric in its approach to women, all the while not talking about email.

Timed to coincide with President Obama stating that gun related violence dwarfs terrorism. And big stories like this about how Hillary is going to “end Biden talk“.

When you have a compliant media around you, you get away with all this.