Ben Carson Rejects Political Correctness and “Trumps” Harlem

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from Patriot Update,

Americans have given Donald Trump good poll numbers because he is doing what they would like to do themselves. He is unapologetically sticking his finger in the eyes of politically-correct, hypocritical career politicians and mainstream media mavens. What Trump’s poll numbers really say is that there are a lot of Americans who are tired of politicians from both parties who do nothing but serve up a steady diet of mush-mouthed platitudes designed to offend no one. I congratulate Trump for breaking the mold. It is refreshing to listen to his speeches.

Now another Republican candidate has done the same thing. Dr. Ben Carson went into the lion’s den—Harlem—and told black people there what they did not want to hear. He told them that if black lives really matter, young black men should stop killing each other. He told them if black lives matter, young black girls should stop having children out of wedlock. He told them that if black lives really matter, blacks should stop shackling themselves to a federal government made up of liberal politicians and career bureaucrats who care nothing about them and do nothing for them. He said these things with more tact than the Donald typically uses, but his message was just as courageous and refreshing as Trump’s. There may be some hope for the world. The Republican Party now has at least two candidates who are willing to reject political correctness and speak the unvarnished truth.

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