Illegal Immigrants Suing to be Released from Detention Centers

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from WOAI-1200 NewsRadio-San Antonio,

Guards at the Karnes County immigration detention center violated the first amendment rights of three undocumented migrant women, who were punished for speaking out about their plight, according to a lawsuit being heard today at a federal court in San Antonio.

“Our goal is not to have the women released,” defense attorney Trisha Trigilio tells Newsradio 1200 WOAI. “The only thing the women are asking for is the ability to exercise their right to protest the fact that they’re detained.”

The plaintiffs, Delmy Cruz, Polyane Soares de Oliveira dos Santos and Lilian Rosado, do not seek monetary damages from the government. The injunction is trying to prevent the detention center’s operators from continuing to violate their civil rights. Trigilio says they were tossed in a medical isolation unit when they protested.

“Women are put in these rooms when if they disrespect an ice guard,” Trigilio explains. “Three of their clients were put in these rooms when they went on a hungar strike.”

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Illegal Immigrants Suing to be Released from Detention Centers