U.S. Soldier Writes an Outstanding Response to Those Mocking Caitlyn Jenner’s ESPY Appearance

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from Forward Progressives,

As many of you have probably heard, ESPN recently held their annual ESPY awards show where Caitlyn Jenner was awarded the Arthur Ashe Courage Award. Now, while even I think the award should have gone to someone else, it’s undeniable that her speech was amazing. It was powerful, moving and she said a lot of things that really needed to be said about the struggles many transgender Americans face almost every day of their lives.

Naturally, there were plenty of critics who were quick to belittle and mock her for the fact that she was given this award. Because simply saying, “I think it should have gone to someone else” is apparently more difficult than spreading hatred for some people. What I saw most were those using images of American troops who’ve lost limbs fighting in war to build their argument that Jenner doesn’t really have “courage.” It’s a completely ridiculous stance considering there are all sorts of ways someone can show they’re courageous. The standard-bearer of “courage” isn’t just limited to those who’ve literally sacrificed life and limb fighting for this country. Well, it seems Army specialist Joey Vicente wasn’t too thrilled with people using soldiers to support their bigotry and opposition to Jenner in general. He took to Facebook to post an outstanding response to those who mocked and attacked her ESPY appearance …

People who feel the need to lash out ignorantly and hatefully toward others are nothing more than bottom-feeders looking for some sort of validation to their lives. The only way they know how to make themselves feel better is by trying to tear others down. All the hate and judgement they have inside of them is just an extension of their own insecurities within themselves. While I’ll admit that I do agree with those who say Jenner shouldn’t have been given the award, I completely disagree with those who say she doesn’t have courage. It took some element of courage to stand on that stage knowing the ridicule and ignorance that would assuredly be thrown her way.

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