We Need Real Courage in This Country

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from Matt Walsh,

Bruce Jenner won the ESPN courage award last night.

It’s a shame that courage, of all the virtues, has been so cheapened in our culture. It’s the one thing we need most, but most lack, or most often fail to understand. Just look at that story out of DC from a few weeks ago. A man was beaten and stabbed to death in the middle of the day, on the middle of a train, while dozens of other men huddled in corners watching it happen.

The assailant, I should mention, was something like five and a half feet tall, a buck twenty. He could have been easily overpowered by one other man, certainly two. Unless this dude was a martial arts master ninja, there’s no way he could have killed the whole train with one sharp object. Yet the other men sat and hid and watched a young college student get hacked to death. Nobody tried to help. Nobody.

Courage. We need courage. We need courage in less dramatic ways. We need courage in the routine, everyday sense of the word. The courage to be moral, honest, upright. The courage to lead our families, to stay loyal, to maintain our character and integrity in these trying times.

But this is what we get instead. A bunch of fawning children handing a courage award to a rich man in a dress. It should come as no surprise that reports today indicate Jenner’s PR team asked ESPN to give him the courage award in exchange for mentions on his reality show.

It’s all a fraud. It’s all a joke. But still the sycophants on social media fell over themselves applauding Bruce for his courage.

No, Bruce Jenner is not courageous, and I’ll give you several reasons why:

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