Hillary’s ‘Cares About People Like You’ Problem

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by Karl Rove,

from The Wall Street Journal,

When is traveling on a Lear jet an indignity? When there’s a Gulfstream available and your last name is Clinton.

The public isn’t warming to her. But GOP hopefuls must show that they have the qualities she lacks.

One of the more revealing emails involving then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently released by the State Department came from top aide Huma Abedin on July 2, 2009. “The g3 is delayed till 5pm wheels up,” reported Ms. Abedin. “There is a lear available at 2pm with 6 seats. Do u want to just leave at 5?”

For ordinary folks: A “g3” is a Gulfstream III private jet that costs $40 million new and is roomier and fancier than a Lear jet, which probably sold for only $10 million.

It says something about Mrs. Clinton’s sense of entitlement that aides would assume a jet’s size and furnishings warrant a three-hour delay. This is part of the reason she is increasingly viewed as out-of-touch. A May 31 CNN/ORC poll found that more than half those contacted (52%) believe that the phrase “cares about people like you” doesn’t apply to Mrs. Clinton, up from 43% in March 2014.

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