Trans woman who heckled Obama feels betrayed by the LGBT community

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from FoxNews,

The transgender immigrant activist who heckled President Obama at a White House event celebrating L.G.B.T.Q Pride on Wednesday – amid a chorus of boos and jeers – said she feels sold out by the gay community in attendance who turned its back on her.

Jennicet Gutiérrez, an undocumented trans woman immigrant from Mexico, interrupted the president at the beginning of his address shouting for him to “release all LGBTQ immigrants from detention and stop all deportations” Obama fired back, to the the sound of applause from annoyed White House guests, and told her, “You’re in my house” and “Shame on you” before having her escorted out of the premises.

Other LGBT activists are denouncing Gutierrez for her inappropriate approach.

“It was meant to embarrass the president, which is inappropriate,” said Joseph Falk, an Obama fundraiser and former board chairman of the South Florida LGBT-rights group SAVE, to the Miami Herald. “If there ever was a president who was a champion for us, this is the guy. He doesn’t need to defend himself as far as LGBT rights is concerned.”

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