The Silencing: How the Left is Killing Free Speech

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Lifelong liberal Kirsten Powers blasts the Left’s forced march towards conformity in an exposé of the illiberal war on free speech. No longer champions of tolerance and free speech, the “illiberal Left” now viciously attacks and silences anyone with alternative points of view. Powers asks, “What ever happened to free speech in America?”

She says that “prior to being a Christian, I don’t think I would have known about this. I wouldn’t know that people are afraid.

I can tell you as a liberal and a Democrat, that i hear these stories and i say Oh, right, sure.The as i started to see my world change and the people i knew change, I started to see these things were happening. Now the reason i think people are going to start paying attention is its starting to happen to liberals. It happened to Bill Maher when he criticized Muslim countries for essentially not be liberal enough. Right? This was a liberal critique. And the strong arming cane down on him, and he was a bigot and a racist. They didn’t want him to speak at Berkley I have a lot of that in the book.

She said she knew that she would be targeted like you have never been targeted before. Mean-Spirited Leftist Trolls Attack Kirsten Powers. They found ways to make themselves appear to be hundreds and thousands of people when they are only 10 or sometimes 12 people.

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