Obama Secretly Mandating that Faith-Based Grantees Accept Transgender Job Applicants

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from C-FAM,

A whistleblower inside the Obama administration revealed to the Friday Fax that the White House is quietly moving forward with a policy change that will require all charitable humanitarian groups to accept LGBT applicants in order to qualify for government funding, even religious groups with sincere religious objections.

The policy change is linked to an executive order President Obama issued last July that prohibits federal contractors from discriminatory hiring practices based on sexual orientation and gender identity.

“Faith-based contractors were already wrestling with that insensitive order,” said Austin Ruse, President of C-Fam. “Things are about to get exponentially worse for the far greater number of faith-based groups who receive financial grants to perform humanitarian tasks.”

The executive order last summer related only to federal contractors not to grant recipients. Nevertheless, the White House recently directed federal agencies to include the “sexual orientation and gender identity” mandate in all grant agreements as well. The US Agency for International Development has agreed to make this change and is said to be weeks away from implementation.

According to the source, who spoke on condition of anonymity, federal agencies are being pressured to make this change quietly — without a corresponding executive order. State Department lawyers have advised the White House that this change is not a legal matter but a matter of policy, according to the source.

“The implications of this change are devastating,” said Ruse. “Faith-based charities who serve the poorest of the poor around the globe will be forced to end vital programs if the White House disqualifies them.”

“Here is another example of this administration’s hostility toward people of faith and the people they serve,” Ruse added.

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