Iran Supreme Leader Calls Nuclear Weapons Allegations a Myth

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from Wall Street Journal,

Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s speech reflects tensions after tentative nuclear pact.

Iran’s supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei on Sunday said allegations that the country was trying to develop nuclear weapons were a myth, and pointed to the U.S. and Israel as the real threats to security in the Middle East.

The remarks were delivered on the occasion of Iran’s annual Army Day, where Mr. Khamenei exhorted troops to increase their defensive preparedness. The speech reflected the tense state of ties between the Iranian leadership and the U.S. While Mr. Khamenei often rails against the U.S. and Israeli hegemony, the rhetorical barbs have remained sharp even after Iran and six world powers agreed to a preliminary nuclear deal early this month.

“They fabricated the nuclear weapon myth to say that the Islamic republic is a threat,” Mr. Khamenei said, according to his official website. “No! The threat is the U.S., which commits insecurity-causing interference without any control.”

The U.S. and Israel, he said, both acted without any regulations and “meddle in any place they find necessary.”

The U.S. State Department couldn’t immediately be reached for comment on Mr. Khamenei’s comments.

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