In The Middle of Nuclear Negotiations, NSA Scraps Iran and Hezbollah As Terror Threats

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If this isn’t dangerous appeasement, I don’t know what is. According to a report in The Times of Israel, the National Intelligence Agency delivered a report to Congress that scraps Iran and Hezbollah from the terrorism list, citing the country’s work against ISIS as one of the reasons why.

Is ISIS a threat? Absolutely. Should we align ourselves with or appease Iran because of their work against ISIS? Absolutely not.

As a reminder Hezbollah, funded by Iran, is the largest terror organization in the world.

So what’s going on here? Why strip Hezbollah and its funding parent Iran, from their terrorism label? Especially now? It all points back to getting President Obama his deal with Iran at all costs. This reclassification of Iran and Hezbollah without the terrorism label is a certain warning sign the deal the White House is working on to appease the rogue regime doesn’t have the best interests of the United States as a top priority.

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