The real story regarding NBCs Brian Williams is the silence from the left wing media

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from The Gray Area:

I am by no means a supporter of the mainstream media in this country, but I am not all jumping up an down happy over this Brian Williams flap. It is unclear to me if he purposely misled his viewers with his story on February 4th, or it was simply poorly written. Given the poorly written news stories that we are presented on a daily basis, it is not hard for me to believe it was simply that. Maybe after the NBC “in-house” investigation, we may learn if he made this “mistake” on purpose or not. Yet, it appears he has erroneously recounted this story before. Not good Mr. Williams.

But. the real story regarding the media should be reflection of other media outlets you get in the mirror. How are they reacting? They are all responding as you would expect, with a couple of exceptions. MSNBC, 21 secs. Media Matters, the self described media “watchdog”, crickets. Do you think if this was a FOXNews anchor they would be so quiet? Of course not. So then, I guess they are reacting as we would expect them to, with their biased silence.