Is Obama just Out-of-Touch or is he Trying to Undermine America?

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by David L. Goetsch,

from Patriot Update,

Terrorists slaughter innocent, unarmed people in Paris. In response, the President of France calls for a show of unity, inviting all civilized nations of the world to participate in a march against terrorism. Many national leaders attend, but what does President Obama do? He stays home and watches a ballgame, not even deigning to send a top-level cabinet official to represent the United States. Several terrorist attacks in Europe and the U.S. are thwarted at the last minute by vigilant police work. How does President Obama respond? He refuses to acknowledge that the civilized nations of the world are at war with terrorists bent on our destruction. Terrorist attacks are linked to a group with ties to Yemen. How does President Obama respond? He announces the release of Muslim terrorists with ties to the same group in Yemen from Guantanamo prison.

Either Barack Obama is the most out-of-touch president to ever occupy the White House or he is purposefully doing things that are destructive to America and its future.

The mid-term election results were a complete repudiation of President Obama’s vision for America, point of view, governing style, economic program, and foreign policy (or lack of a coherent foreign policy).

When it comes to his historically low approval ratings, Barack Obama either does not get it or has such a high opinion of himself that he does not care what Americans think. I suspect the latter is the case.

In debating the question, Is President Obama just out-of-touch or is he purposefully trying to undermine America?, I would much rather be assigned the “purposeful argument.” Based on the evidence that is readily available, one can more easily make the case that the president knows what he is doing and is determined to do it regardless of what the American public thinks. On the other hand, if he is just the hapless, out-of-touch, inept chief executive he appears to be, we are still in trouble.

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