Muslim group gathers for peace, faces threats, protest

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from WFAA8ABC,

It was a fight over values that drove hateful speech. Hundreds of protesters were fired up over a meeting of Muslims.

“I don’t support their ideology,” said protester Brenda Lambert. “I don’t support what they’re doing.”

They gathered for a conference preaching peace, and stood united against the stereotypes.

The group, Stand With the Prophet Muhammed Against Terror and Hate, says its purpose is to break stereotypes. A fundraiser was held Saturday at the Culwell Center in Garland.

“I’m saying because they’re Muslim, their religion teaches them that we are the lesser,” said John Anderson, another protester.

Attendees who found themselves targets went on the defense.

“Whoever does these acts of terrorism, they don’t represent us and they sure as heck do not represent me,” said Manal Abdulhadi, who attended the conference.

She’s referring to the killing of 12 people at a french satirical magazine a little more than a week ago by islamic militants.

Event organizers also condemned the attacks.

“We consider these our enemies of Islam who are hurting Muslims and neighborly relations toward the world.”

Inside the Culwell Center, it was a show of solidarity as everyone waved American flags.

They were fundraising for a center dedicated to teaching Muslims how to combat the negative depictions of their faith.

And judging by the loud voices outside, they have their work cut for them.

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