Why so few women are CEOs (in 5 charts)

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by Caroline Fairchild,

from Fortune Magazine,

A new Pew Research report explores America’s perceptions about women’s ability to lead companies.

It’s not news that the percentage of women taking over the C-Suite in America is increasing at a glacial pace. Yet a report out today by Pew Research sheds some new light on exactly why the rate of change has been so slow.

Gender doesn’t matter to most.

Women are even good for business.

Still, few women are reaching the top.

It gets worse when you dig deeper.

And few people think it’s easy for women.

Bottom line: Corporate America still isn’t ready. Pew’s study shows that men and women may believe female leaders are just as qualified as their male peers, but certain stigmas persist. Even in 2014, some 50% of women and 35% of men agree that many businesses aren’t ready to hire women for top executive positions.

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